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Exchange with the Netherlands


On Monday evening the exchange students arrived in Brandenburg an der Havel by train. All of the German students came to the train station and picked up their exchange  student. The first day and night was the best opportunity to get to know each other.

On Tuesday we all went to the train station and took the train to Potsdam at 8 am. There we went to a university and listened to a lecture about nutrition. After that, we took the tram to Sanssouci Park. There we split up into groups of German and Dutch people and explored the park with an app called "Actionbound!". Back in Brandenburg an der Havel everyone had time to spend with their exchange student. In the evening some German students organized a welcome party for the Dutch students. At the party, we danced to music, ate pizza, and played some fun little games.

On Wednesday we all met at school where the 11th graders had organized a few workshops about healthy nutrition for us. Again, we split up into groups and participated in the workshops. Because of the fact that the Dutch students had to go home earlier, they went to Berlin to go shopping in the evening.

On Thursday morning the host families brought their exchange students back to the train station.


Hannah Kreschel, 8b


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